Custom plumbing services

Plomberie Robert is an unbeatable professional resource for all types of plumbing work, providing retail products such as faucets, bath, vanity, pump, shower, sink, basin and toilet.

Plomberie Robert · Lavabo
Our team is dedicated to providing quality products with fast, courteous service. As a future-oriented company, Plomberie Robert’s employees are up to date in the use of different technologies to improve your quality of life. Designing a hot water recirculation loop and installing hot water heated floors are among the most popular innovations on the market!

Hot water recirculation system

A hot water recirculation system ensures continuous hot water in the system by circulating it again through the water heater. This technique was developed by the Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ), in collaboration with the RBQ.

Radiant hydronic floor

Looking for the ultimate in comfort? Let our team of experts install a radiant hydronic floor! This technique of circulating hot water through under-floor pipes is increasingly popular in the residential construction industry.

When you entrust your construction or renovation projects to Plomberie Robert, you can count on exemplary work and custom service. Want to add a sink to your island? We can do it! Like to install a bidet in your bathroom? Let us take care of it! Dreaming about a steam shower? We’ll install it! Our team makes visits to submit an estimate at no charge. You can also get a long-distance quote by sending us your plans and specifications by email.

Plomberie Robert is your partner of choice for:

  • Plumbing services (unblocking pipes, water heaters, water damage, leaking in the wall, etc.)
  • New construction projects (residential or commercial) or renovations (bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and bathroom)
  • Your choice of bathroom fixtures, faucets and plumbing fixtures
  • Estimates tendered for your projects on site or long distance by email
  • Inspection service to determine if facilities comply with the Code national de plomberie
  • Designs for hot water recirculation loops
  • Installation of hot water heated floor, also called a radiant hydronic floor
  • Installation of a sump pump
  • Customized work